Amber Bean Coffee

Read on to learn the truth About This Site.

“You could have a website just like this one, except yours won't cause indigestion.”

About the Founders

Floyd Bean

Floyd Bean was a world traveler and nature lover. In his travels in the east, he encountered the asian palm civet, most known for its of creation of Kopi Luwak coffee, made from undigested coffee beans found in the civet's poo. Floyd enjoyed Kopi Luwak so much, he kept civets with him wherever he went. The Bean family denies that Floyd was an asymptomatic carrier of SARS, which was transmitted from civets to humans. The W.H.O. lists Floyd as the likely first human to contract the disease.

Amber Bean

Amber is the daughter of renowned traveler Floyd Bean. On his death bed, Floyd asked for a cup of coffee. Not understanding his passion for coffee, a nurse brought him a cup of instant. His dying words to Amber were, "Don't let people drink this crap." Unaware that the cup of coffee he was holding did not contain his prized Kopi Luwak, Amber misinterpreted his deathwish. Ever since, her life has been dedicated to keeping poo out of people's coffee.

Site Credits

OK, so here's the real story. This website and the entire company of Amber Bean Coffee were created to demonstrate the power of Dialogs and our development process. We created the site for use as a demonstration "sandbox" for Dialogs, our web development framework. Of course, we also created it as a bit of entertainment to liven your holidays. Let us know what you think.

So how powerful is Dialogs? In about 60 days, we built this entire content-managed website complete with a home page slideshow, blog, press area, product database, and ecommerce. All content is search engine-friendly. Along the way, we also filed a DBA, registered the domain, got the toll free number, and developed a product line. We went through this exercise just to show you how flexible Dialogs can be. Websites, microsites, and customized landing pages can be cost-effective components to any marketing or advertising campaign. Design was designed by a Dialogs agency partner called smplcreative. They designed a branded shell which we populated with copy and images. Their hard work and creativity are greatly appreciated. They even created a cool error page, which is linked here just so you can see it. For more information, or to hire smplcreative for your next design project, here is their contact info:


The site was coded by one of our developer partners, OffLead Productions. Again, outstanding work. For more information, or to hire OffLead Productions for your next web project, here is their contact info:

Packaging Design

The product packaging is an ongoing project of the graphic design program at Texas A&M-Commerce, under the supervision of David Beck. We hope this can be a resource to help promote up-and-coming designers. If you see Amber Bean Coffee work in their portfolio, take it seriously. We are a picky client.

  • Daily Grind and Buzz Kill packaging design was courtesy of Macy Freeman, design communications major at TAMU-C.

About Dialogs

About Dialogs

This website is powered by Dialogs, the most design-accurate content management system available. Plus, it includes features for all aspects of web development: SEO, social networking, ecommerce, blogs and forums, global accessibility, and more. Dialogs also makes web development more efficient by including tools needed by interactive agencies (e.g., project management, automated documentation, approval management, etc.) Check out all of the Dialogs features and see how we can make your life much simpler. Check out or call 800-707-0106 x:123.