Amber Bean Coffee

The French Press (OK, so it's not just French. It's a coffee joke.)

World Renowned Naturalist Floyd Bean Passes

Aug 15

Floyd Bean, the high profile traveler and nature lover, passed away yesterday evening. New stories about his travels are emerging from unusual sources.

Floyd Bean passed away in a nursing home in Surrey, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver. Family and friends were at his side as he sipped his last cup of coffee.

Bean was known all over the world as a coffee fanatic. In his travels in Indonesia, he fell in love with Kopi Luwak, a very rare coffee made from coffee beans harvested from the waste matter of civets. The beans pass through the civet's system undigested, yet altered. These beans are then lightly roasted and ground to make coffee. The light color of Kopi Luwak is reportedly the inspiration of his daughter Amber's name.

Bean is survived by his daughter, Amber Bean, and his prized civet, Luwak Tupac.