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Floyd Bean's Will is Disputed.

Mar 12

Amber Bean, daughter of nature lover Floyd Bean, has been granted an injunction to prevent the distribution of funds from father Floyd's will. Court documents reveal that Floyd's pet civet stands to inherit over $800 million.

Amber Bean, founder of Amber Bean Coffee and daughter of world famous naturalist Floyd Bean, appeared in court today in an attempt to block the distribution of funds as described in Floyd Bean's last will and testament.

Floyd Bean traveled extensively, and was rarely seen without one of his pet civets. When his will was unsealed, his favorite civet, called Luwak Tupac, was named as the primary heir to the Bean fortune.

Floyd and Amber appeared to have a warm relationship, although she never traveled with her father. Friends close to Amber have said that Amber refuses to fly because she believes that airplanes are part of a government conspiracy used to control people and that when you enter an airplane, you never really leave the ground, you are simply moved to a soundstage-like contrivance made to look like a different city or country.